SolidCAM Installation

SolidCAM licensing works differently than other packages in our portfolio.  It’s not hard, but you’ll need to follow these directions to get it to work correctly.

  1. SolidCAM requires an installed, working, licensed copy of Solidworks.  You should download and install Solidworks first.  Solidworks and SolidCAM require 64-bit Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  2. Download the SolidCAM plugin and extract the installer from the ZIP file.
  3. First, the SolidCAM installer might install some dependencies it requires.  These might need you to reboot.  You can follow the directions it gives you.
  4. After installing dependencies it will continue on to install the product.  You can accept the defaults or tweak them to your needs.
  5. The last step of the installer is the License Wizard.  Here, pick Network License and click Finish.
  6. BEFORE LAUNCHING, on your machine go the URL http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_to.html.  In the “Remote License Server Search Parameters” box enter as the license server to look for.  Save and close this window.
  7. You can now launch Solidworks and confirm that SolidCAM is installed.  If you get prompted about licensing info, go back and confirm step 6.
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