Qualtrics in WSE

Qualtrics is a cloud-based platform used to create surveys, distribute surveys, and analyze the responses and data collected all in one location. Some of the high-level features include:

  • Customizable survey look and appearance.
  • Variety of basic and advanced question types such as multiple choice to file uploads, timers, and heat maps.
  • Advanced data analysis, reporting, and customizable dashboards for collected survey responses.
  • Conditional logic available to re-route users for more complex survey designs.
  • Built-in distribution methods, such as anonymous links, email, QR codes, and more.
  • Multiple sharing options to allow easily collaboration with both internal and external Qualtrics users.
  • Translate surveys into different languages.
JH Qualtrics Enterprise License

Due to our collective usage of Qualtrics increasing year after year, Johns Hopkins has established an enterprise license of the platform. There are two levels of license available. A capable free tier (called Limited, but still feature rich) that is available to everyone, and a highly subsidized Licensed tier for $1 per month. Please see https://uis.jhu.edu/qualtrics/user-types-and-permissions/ for details of the different licenses.


The university has lots of documentation about Qualtrics and JHU available online at https://uis.jhu.edu/qualtrics/.

Where to log in

Qualtrics is a web-based application. To access Qualtrics, navigate to https://jh.qualtrics.com.

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