New Computer?

Are you getting a new computer?  Here are some things you will want to consider with your manager and with Whiting IT before your order is placed.
  • Mac or PC? (Not all software will work well with Macs — in particular, some administrative web applications like SAP and 3D design software — so consult with your department before deciding.)
  • Laptop or desktop?  Nearly everyone chooses laptops these days, but desktops are still an option.
  • What combination of performance, weight, disk capacity are important for your job?  For example, laptops usually come in a choice of larger or smaller screens, so balancing weight vs usable screen space is something to consider.
  • How many monitors, if any?
  • Any special software (anything beyond Office)?
  • If a laptop…
    • Will you need an extra power brick?
    • Will you need a docking station?
    • Do you want or need a case?  Cases are so subject to personal preferences that they are not supplied by default.

If you previously had a machine and this is a replacement or upgrade, here are some details to consider:

  • What data, if any, needs to be backed up from your old machine?  Collect all your data together in a directory and put that directory on a file server or in OneDrive.
  • Do you need your web browser bookmarks backed up?  Don’t forget them!
  • What printers and network shares are you connected to on your old computer?  It’s easier to figure that out before switching over.
  • Did you have any shared calendar or mailbox connections set up?  They’re also easier to review before switching.
  • Are you switching PC to Mac?  Have you checked that all the programs and websites you need to access will work?
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