Get Help

All Whiting School faculty and staff can get help from the Whiting IT Help Desk. Even if we’re not the right group to provide direct support for whatever your question might be, we’ll facilitate your work with the correct organization. Ask us anything!

How do I get help?

VERY IMPORTANT: We ask that all users contact us through our ticketing system, which is available by sending email to [email protected]. We know ticketing systems can be annoying, but we try not to be. Every ticket is assigned to and becomes the responsibility of a single real, live person. Your interactions with that person will then be tracked, so that we can easily look things up in the future and have a record in case something goes wrong.

What services do you provide?

You should feel free to ask us anything, but we broke out a list of things we frequently help with.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll work on just about anything, but things we’re commonly asked about include…

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