Generative AI / ChatGPT Information

People are super excited about generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Here is some info about these tools at JHU. This is a fast-moving area so please contact us at [email protected] if you want the latest.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL about what information you use with generative AI tools! Most of them will use the information you provide to them for additional training information, which may result in your content being replayed to future generative AI users. DO NOT USE PHI / PII / proprietary information with any of these tools unless you are absolutely certain of how your provided information might be saved or used.

  • There isn’t an existing agreement with OpenAI directly for ChatGPT
  • JH does have an agreement with Azure, and OpenAI tools are available inside Azure. The OpenAI tools need to be enabled in your Azure instance, so if you already have a JH Azure instance you will need to request them to be added.
Screenshot of Azure OpenAI Studiom including links to Chat playground, Completions playground, DALL-E playground, and Bring Your Own Data virtual agent bot.
  • Other generative AI tools are available in Adobe Creative Cloud, for example Adobe Firefly. Creative Cloud is available as a subscription in the software section of MyJH.
  • The generative AI tools Microsoft has recently announced as a part of Windows and Office are still under a security review by IT@JH. As of this writing we don’t know how long it will be until they are generally available.
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