eduroam WiFi

eduroam — Free WiFi!

  • eduroam is a consortium of (primarily educational) institutions that have agreed to allow network access for members who visit their sites. This means you can securely connect to their wireless networks when you travel or attend a conference.
  • Hopkins is a part of the consortium — that’s why you see “eduroam” listed when browsing the list of available wireless networks.
  • You connect with your JHED username and password, but with after the username.  So, the username would look like [email protected].  NOTE: That really is supposed to be and not used to work but no longer will as of late 2018.
  • You can (and should) set it up today, and it’ll “just work” when you get to where you’re visiting.
  • Many local institutions (University of Maryland, UMBC, UMB, Towson, GW, Georgetown) participate, as well as sites are all over the world!

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