LCSR Solidworks PDM Set Up Guide

  • You will need administrative rights to your computer
  • You must be connected to the Hopkins Wi-Fi or VPN Client
  1. Upgrade to Solidworks 2023
    1. In the Start Menu: Solidworks Installation Manager > Check for Updates
    2. Select the latest version and update
  2. Go to Add or Remove Programs, find Solidworks and click “Modify” to launch the installation manager
    1. Select “Modify your Installation”
    2. On the serial number page click Next
    3. On the product selection page select Solidworks PDM Client
    4. On the summary page expand Solidworks PDM Options and click Change
    5. On the Solidworks PDM Client Options page select the following and then click Back to Summary:
      Graphical user interface, text, application, email

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    6. On the summary page click Download and Modify
  3. From the Start Menu: Solidworks PDM > View Setup
    1. Server name: Port: 3030
      Graphical user interface, text

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    2. Click OK and log-in with
      1. Username: JHED
      2. Password: PDM$erver
    3. Specify the location for PDM, for example the C: drive
  4. From the Start Menu: Solidworks PDM > Administration
    1. File > Add Server
    2. Now log on to LCSR_PDM with your credentials, username: <JHED>, password: lc$rPDM
  1. If you get “Can’t connect to the Archive Server”:
    1. Open the command prompt and type: ping (this will probably fail)
    2. From the start menu: Wifi Settings > Ethernet > Network and Sharing Center > click Wi-Fi (Hopkins)
    3. Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 > Properties (see Fig.1)
    4. Advanced > DNS tab (see Fig.2)
Graphical user interface, text, application

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Figure 1
Graphical user interface

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Figure 2
  1. Try pinging the server again
  2. If that doesn’t work, please email [email protected] for assistance
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