WSE E210 Off-site Bookmarklet

The WSE IT Team is proud to present a bookmarklet for automatically changing all “X” codes in the e210 form to “XO” codes. We think that our colleagues that primarily work off-site will find this to be a very useful tool.

A bookmarklet is a browser bookmark that runs a snippet of code instead of navigating your browser to a webpage. 

Here is a video of this bookmarklet in action.

To install this tool into your browser, you can drag the link below up to your Bookmark Bar as demonstrated in the video below.

e210 Change X to XO

You can also create the bookmark manually and put the code below in the “URL” field.

javascript: (function () {
document.querySelectorAll('select').forEach((el) => {
    if (el.value === 'X') {
        el.value = 'XO';

Then all you need to do is click this bookmarklet each month before you start working on your e210 to change all the “X” to “XO”. 

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