Room Scheduling with BookIt

[This is some seriously rough work-in-progress documentation.  If you find it useful but incomplete, send email to [email protected] and let him know what should be better.]

There are multiple options for room reservation systems.  Outlook Calendars, the system used in Malone Hall, and BookIt.

If you want to use BookIt:

  • Tell WSE IT you want to use BookIt by making a ticket with [email protected].
  • The BookIt system is at  The admin interface is at
  • You should plan your space with the LibCal_Getting_Started_Template.  There is documentation information in that spreadsheet to help get you started with the terminology used in the BookIt system – web links and notes in the cells of the sheet.  Maybe most importantly for the overall concept is the hierarchical nature of the system:
1 Location The building/area where people can book a space/seat. Add and manage locations for space and equipment bookings
2 Zones These are areas within a location, like floors or sections/wings Add and manage a location’s zones
3 Categories Custom groups for the “types of space” that can be booked Add and manage space booking categories
4 Spaces The actual spaces (w/ or without seat-level reservation) Add, manage, or delete spaces in a category


  • Spaces in BookIt can be reserved by anyone with a JHED, so if you don’t want to share your space keep the access set to “Private” so only people with the URL can book.
  • Licensing is done at the Space level, so if you have a space that is an area that has many seats (a computer lab with multiple stations, or an area of your floor with shared cubicles) create that as a space with multiple seats.
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