About WSE IT

Whiting IT is tasked with supporting the IT needs of the Whiting community. We are a component of the Dean’s office, not a branch of IT@JH. While we closely collaborate and communicate with the larger IT community at Johns Hopkins, our performance is judged on how well we serve the School of Engineering.

Staff includes:

  • Allison Giovetti (Website Specialist)
  • Charles Glaser (Linux admin)
  • Charles Goldman (Web applications admin)
  • Steven Hart (CLSP Linux admin)
  • MJ Hickey (Desktop support admin, procurement guru)
  • Renata Hnat (Sr. Programmer Analyst)
  • Tim Jarrett (Software Development Manager)
  • Alex Levine (Desktop support admin)
  • Alicia McNichols (Sr. Programmer Analyst)
  • Dan Meade (Desktop support admin)
  • Matt Mulqueen (ChemBE Linux Admin)
  • Carl Pupa (CLSP Linux admin)
  • Ernie Soffronoff (Director)
  • William Stifler (Desktop support admin)
  • Russell Stringer (Software Engineer)
  • Shawn Suter (IT Operations Manager)

Emeritus staff:

  • Rustam Abakaev (Linux admin)
  • Dmitry Dagunts (Linux admin)
  • Alison Sagi (Events admin)
  • Charlie Smith (Enterprise desktop admin)
  • Colleen Cusimano (Windows admin)
To reach us, write wsehelp@jhu.edu.
Beyond the people working out of the Dean’s office, there are many other great IT staff around WSE working in departments or in central IT@JH.  If you don’t know who they are, we’ll try to put you in contact with them.

Official Whiting IT Logos:  Staff Logo; Mascot Logo; Security Logo
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