WSE Instructional Studio FAQ

The WSE Instructional Studios will be in place for high-quality distance education starting for Fall 2020.  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q:  Where is the documentation for the Instructional Studios?

Q:  Where are the studios located?
 There are 22 studios on the first floor of the San Martin Center, 7 in Malone Hall, 1 in the MSE Library, and 4 at APL.  See this.

Q: How do I get help with the studios?
A: There will be staff assigned to help you at the studio locations when you are using the studio.  If you have a question about the studios you want to ask, contact To get training (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) please fill out this form.

Q: How do I schedule the studios?
A: Courses have been scheduled into the studios.  Though this will likely change, for now, you can contact to schedule studios to do defenses or other activities where a studio would be useful.  Availability is limited to times when classes are not using the spaces, so flexibility is appreciated.

Q: The studios use Zoom as their software.  Any tips for using Zoom to teach?
A: UPDATE: New Zoom policies could affect your meetings.  See this section of our Zoom documentation.
 We discuss this on our remote work page.  You might also be interested in a recent blog post from Zoom that discusses new features in Zoom to help with teaching.