Return to Campus – Your Actions to Make it Work

  • You’ve been working remotely, probably from a laptop, so you know most of your tools will work for you when you go back into your space.  It should be a pretty smooth transition back, but the on-site teams (facilities, IT) are going to be very busy reopening this summer while also trying to get time to reconnect with their extended friends and family.  Here are some things to look out for to try to smooth out your experience:
  • IT is particularly concerned about the things that haven’t been used while we were closed.  This includes your wired network connections, WIFI connections, printers, and student or lab desktop computers.  When you go in, power everything on so the network (and our update servers!) can see them, and give them a quick tryout.
  • We’re also particularly concerned about people occupying new spaces or offices.  For many of you who are moving to new spaces (former occupants of Whitehead, for example) we’ve already been involved in your move, but please don’t assume that everything will work on the first day unless you’ve participated in checking it out.
  • Many people will be working in a hybrid mode — working both on campus and from a home office.  University policy is that employees will have one workspace configured for their use, so we will not be purchasing extra equipment to support hybrid operations.  Employees and their supervisors should decide how to arrange their allotted equipment to best support their work.  More information about this university policy is detailed online.

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